The Designer


Dacy Luneburg is a young artist and founder of Dacy Darlette. She is a model and fashion designer who spent her early years in Burundi. East Africa, middle years in Niger West Africa and Secondary and University education in Boulder/Denver. She is a distinguished graduate of the Art Institute of Colorado. Her productions were always on display on the walls and in the corridors of the Fashion Department. She showcased her collection inspired by the goddess Oshun on Mile High Living Tv. 

Her eclectic background has profoundly influenced her creativity and ensured the production of unique and exciting pieces with the flavor of Africa. She has access to traditional fabric and designs of several African countries. Multilingual of course. 

Dacy Darlette combines art and fashion with a taste of African royalty. Here is where you can find one of a kind wearable art pieces.

COMING SOON.. -> Clothing and art pieces

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